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It’s ‘Learning Maths’ class time, and before even the teachers open the textbooks, we can bet the students are bored. It’s a sad fact, and yet it’s true. It is estimated that only around half of the students are likely to be engaged in their Learning Maths classes, and engagement levels will keep declining as students grow older.

It’s understandable that an increasing number of students are struggling at schools with their lessons and staying engaged and motivated, which can be partly blamed with the overwhelming school syllabus, homework, assignments, and more. This is particularly true when it comes to Learning Maths, as plenty of students find it difficult balancing their class lessons, math tests, homework, and assignments together. This is why it has become essential for teachers andtutors of mathsto make their math lessons or math tuition enjoyable and fun through math puzzles, games, and brainteasers, in addition, to creating a healthy classroom environment. Furthermore, the real benefit of learning maths or providing maths tuition by solving puzzles is that it promotes critical thinking in kids as well as their logical reasoning skills.

Whether you’re a tutor looking to improve your learning maths tuition or provide engaging math lessons in the classroom, if you are looking for some challenging but great math puzzles and brain teasers for your students, below are a collection of ten great learning math puzzles for learning math. Let’s get started.

10 Puzzles For Learning Maths

  1. Math Crossword Puzzles

We all are familiar withcrosswords. All you need to do is use numbers instead of words. Students will use numbers to fill the horizontal and vertical stripes. Math crossword puzzles can be modified to teach and learn concepts such as money, additions, subtractions, rounding numbers, and many more.

  1. 数学问题搜索

If you are looking for a puzzle that will help students practice their addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication skills, you can do that through this word search-style puzzle. Students will have to search for hidden math equations in this puzzle, and it can be adapted for any math skills you want your students to practice. This is a great math puzzle to promote an understanding of fundamental math facts for students.

  1. Sudoku


  1. Prodigy


  1. 硬币三角形

Fun math brain teasers work great when it comes to teaching math. The goal of this puzzle is to turn the triangle upside down by only moving 3 coins. This may sound easy, but solving this puzzle will need some time. You can also fix the amount of time to solve to make it more fun and challenging.

  1. 火柴拼图

火柴般的谜题是大脑宣传,学生和孩子们都能解决它们。我们建议您在您的课堂上显示这两个众所周知的火柴梗拼图,并挑战他们首先解决的挑战。第一个拼图是“把鱼”where students are required to make the fish swim in the opposite direction by only moving 3 matchsticks. The second matchstick puzzle required the students to convert the 3 squares into 2 squares by only moving 3 matchsticks. This might look easy, but it will get your students thinking!

  1. Magic SquareLearning Maths

This math puzzle game has been around for a very long time and introduced to western civilization during the Renaissance. Magic squares can come in a variety of sizes, but to make it accessible for young students, you can redesign the squares in a 3X3 grid. The puzzle uses a number from 1 to 9, and players should equal 15 in the horizontal, vertical, and diagonal squares—an excellent math puzzle for tactile learners.

  1. Pre-algebraic puzzles

Pre-algebraic puzzles are ideal for engaging students and getting them focused and improve their logical thinking to solve math problems. Pre-algebraic puzzles include substitutions that are engaging and fun and will prep the students to solve essential functions and build their problem-solving skills. Additionally, these puzzles also promote abstract reasoning and critical thinking in students, which are important when solving math problems and complicated equations.

  1. Domino Puzzle Board

Domino puzzle boards give students to improve their addition and multiplication skills in a fun and interactive manner. To make it challenging, you can have students solve the puzzles alone, or in groups to complete the puzzles.

  1. Kakuro

Also known as “Cross Sums,” Kakuro is another mathematical crossword puzzle. In this math puzzle, players use the numbers 1 to 9 to reach “clues,” which are on outside of the row. To make it easy for younger players, you can reduce the size of the grid or keep it in its original form for students looking for a challenge. This fun math puzzle is excellent for encouraging critical thinking and develop multiple skills in students.

Final Thoughts on Learning Maths


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