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Introducing TheMetagrobologist Magazine

TheMetagrobologist Magazine is dedicated to becoming the world’s most essential insider’s guide to the world of mechanical puzzles. Released online TheMetagrobologist Magazine aims to provide readers with an indispensable, glossy magazine filled with exclusive interviews, reviews and articles on the world’s most popular mechanical puzzles and biggest names in the business. With support from the community of puzzle retailers, designers, craftsmen and collectors it aims to bring you the first look and the last word on all of the puzzles that matter and everything else a Metagrobologist needs to know.

Almost all of us enjoy playing and attempting to solve a puzzle. Historically, almost every culture has developed its own types of puzzle, often using them as intricate locking mechanisms or tests of intelligence and logical ability. Whether it is a crossword, a mathematical problem, an unusual magic trick, illusion, a word search, sudoku or even a jigsaw puzzles entertain, mystify, confuse, astound and even educate us.

Metagrobologyis a popular term used to describe the study of puzzles. A metagrobologist is deemed to be a serious designers/craftsman, practitioner, collector or puzzle enthusiast who collects and attempts to solve any number of classified mechanical puzzles. Regardless of the complexity of design or level of difficulty a metagrobologist enjoys not just the challenge of solving the puzzle, but also the analyse and enjoyment of puzzling others.

这个术语最初由里克·厄比(见铁ature in future issue]in the early 1970s on the basis of an old French word,metagrobolise, which means to baffle, confuse or puzzle and which he found in an article in the New York Times. Becoming a designer of wire disentanglement puzzles after a serious back injury from a car accident, Rick Irby coined the word metagrobologist for himself as one who puzzles people. He also coinedmetagrobolisersfor mechanical puzzlers made by craftsmen for the science of it all. In the 1990s, Rick and his wife were invited to Japan and began travelling all around the country to teach the making of ingenious rings.

Metagrobologists, generally enjoy a wide range of puzzles but have a particular interest in the ingenuity of real solid 3-dimensional dexterity puzzles and curious objects that require patience to put them together, take them apart, disentangle them, sequentially interlock them or re-orientate them. If you enjoy puzzles for the challenge, intrigue, amusement, excitement, frustration or eventual aha!moment, this magazine had been created for You!

Issue 1-TheMetagrobologist-Magazine-Wooden-Puzzles

TheMetagrobologist Magazine Issue 1

In the 1st Issue release in late Autumn 2014, Brian Sue Young celebrates 20 years of Mr Puzzle in Australia. Viktor Genel discusses his puzzles sculpture. Eric Harshbarger explains the evolution of his Lexomino puzzle. Bram Cohen explains how to create a Packing Puzzle in Burr Tools. Jeremy Rayner presents a guide to Flipping perfect shuffles. Jerry Slocum the Metagrobologist master provides us with an exclusive interview.

Available in print here.

TheMetagrobologist Magazine Issue 2

Issue 2-TheMetagrobologist-Magazine-Wooden-Puzzles Welcome to Issue 2 of TheMetagrobologist Magazine. An online ‘Free’ e-zine dedicated to the world of wooden mechanical puzzles as well as metal brainteasers, recreational math and other puzzling diversions. In this issue, we talk to Robert Yarger and present an exclusive interview with the world-renown puzzle craftsman. Also within the issue, the fantastic Kelly Snache presents his design of “Sticky” a “4 moves to open” puzzle box. Joshua Kinsey discusses the creation of the Cryptex Lockbox. John Polhemus discusses micro puzzles. Our friend Nigel Croot, explains What he believes makes a great puzzle? We also have the History of Soma Cubes and a Poison Oak Puzzle by Tom Jolly.

Available in print here.

Issue 3-TheMetagrobologist-Magazine-Wooden-Puzzles

TheMetagrobologist Magazine Issue 3

In this issue, we talk to Peter Wiltshire, Jeff Aurand and Dave Cooper about their incredible contributions to the amazing Apothecary Puzzle Chest and their life-long interest in both puzzles and woodworking. Dave Cooper also discusses the project and his ‘puzzle-itis and the enthusiastic Angus Lavery discusses his Impossible Card designs and being inspired. Elsewhere, we admire a guide to Creating Puzzles in BurrTools by Lawrence Cuthbert, Dave Mitchell the renown origami designer shares two original puzzles for your amusement. I’m sure you will find them all as equally fascinating as we have.

Available in print here.

Issue 4-TheMetagrobologist-Magazine-Wooden-Puzzles

TheMetagrobologist Magazine Issue 4

In this issue, we talk exclusively to Eric Fuller about his website Cubic Dissection and his incredible puzzle boxes. Tracy Wood Clemons chats with us about her amazing puzzle boxes and designs. Splinter J. Spierenburgh describes his development of the wonderful Swing Lock. The incredibly prolific games inventor and puzzle manufacturer from Germany, Jürgen Reiche chats about his wide range of wooden games and puzzles are manufactured by Siebenstein-Spiele and lots more!

TheMetagrobologist Magazine Issue 5

In this special issue, we talk exclusively to Dimiter Vakarelov, a master metagrobologist and topological puzzle designer. Dimiter presents a complete, in-depth guide to topological puzzles!
Issue 5-TheMetagrobologist-Magazine-Wooden-Puzzles

Available in print here.

TheMetagrobologist Magazine Issue 6

In this issue, we talk exclusively to Kim Klobucher about his incredible puzzle boxes. Radek Micopulos chats with us about Hedgehog puzzles, developed at the end of the nineteenth century by Clarence A Worrall and lots more!

If you feel you could contribute or offer any small articles or features of interest, or have ideas and articles you’d like to see or read regarding the many fantastic puzzle designers and craftsmen and their design process, please feel free to email us or post your comments on our social media Facebook Page.

Articles and Support Wanted

Paper puzzles, recreational math, Woodworking jigs, super-precise table saw crosscut sledges and puzzle making tools? We are receiving lots of emails asking for articles on recreational math, paper puzzles, origami and the construction of wooden puzzles, jigs and tools to support novice craftsmen and their workshops into a safer and more efficient woodworking environment. Have you got the skills and experience and want to share and offer advice. Please get in touch.

Table Saws and tools
Do you have good knowledge and information on the best table saws and tools for puzzle construction? Please get in touch.

Exotic Hardwoods & Wood Craft
Do you have a knowledge of exotic hardwood use in the construction of puzzles? Please get in touch.

3-D Printing
Do you have a knowledge of using Shapeways or 3D Printing in the construction of puzzles? Please get in touch.

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  1. Hallo!
    I am puzzle enthusiast. I solve, collect and produce for myself puzzles. I want to ask, if is it possible – and how – to obtain pdfs of The Metagrobologist magazines. Thank you for answer
    … and pdf too :-))

    Tibor from Slovakia

    1. Hi Leo, we will be re-uploading issues 1-5 to the site soon. We have been working on adding all of our content from the original TheMetagrobologist and cleaning up the SEO and code for page speed and ranking. We will update you when the issues are online and available in a limited run in printed form.
      -Dave (MTG Editor)

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