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学习机械游戏感兴趣?一个good place to start would be a Puzzle Museum devoted to puzzles?

For many puzzlists of all ages and backgrounds worldwide, mechanical puzzles in all of their diverse classifications are something to be enjoyed. They provide an opportunity to relax and unplug from the often overwhelming and busy fabric of our lives into a quiet space filled with a little magic, wonder and peace. A mechanical puzzle will require your unadulterated focus and will wrestle your attention and captivate you from start to final finish.

一个way from the unrelenting stimulus of modern-day big screen HD screens, devices and technology we all now surround ourselves, a simple mechanical puzzle offers an opportunity to challenge your thinking, exercise your mind, body and spirit in a perfect moment of tranquillity and quiet contemplation. When solved, a sense of achievement and the excitable, fun satisfaction of the desired Aha! moment.

一个group of puzzlist who become transfixed and addicted to mechanical puzzles (eagerly seeking out new artefacts to add to their collection) so they can again be lost in their puzzling world, are known as ‘Metagrobologists.’ Metagrobologist enjoy the Aha! moment and the satisfaction in solving a puzzle through persistence. They seek out new ways to test their intellect, cultivate their craniums away from the stresses and anxieties around us and enjoy discussion and interaction with others who enjoy the intuitive nature of puzzles.

Many within this unique puzzling community take their ‘metagrobologism‘ pastime to another level. Their collection develops to such an extent, that they carefully begin to document and preserve their valued diversions and Objet d’art in drawers, shelves and boxes. Gathering the objects in attics, filing cabinets and other places within their homes to celebrate a collective heritage of puzzlingtreasures.

一个round the globe, a select number of these devoted Metagrobologists slowly create an Aladdin’s cave that consists of thousands of significant baffling puzzles, antiques, books, and unique puzzling ephemera, until they have assembled private institution of museum-like proportions and collections only know to a small selection and circle of friends whom they enjoy teasing and sharing them with.

一个number of these devoted puzzlers have opened up their museum-like collections as a publicly accessible venue. These puzzling museums, provide non-puzzlers and ‘metagrobologists’from all ages and backgrounds with an opportunity to learn, appreciate, explore and research an eclectic mix of puzzles. A unique space not only to see but also experience a tactile hands-on moment to play and solve vintage, rare and some of the most expensive puzzles they would otherwise only see on paper or a screen.

If you love history and puzzles, this article will be your cup of tea. We delve into some of the most important, fun institutions that are bringing a community together in an age where technology and digitalisation see us becoming more and more globalised.

The following museums contain historical and important puzzles that have been passed down generation after generation and continue to culturally preserve objects we all love. We are going to explore some of the very best places that you can go to if you love mechanical puzzles, and how they are creating spaces that offer interaction, participation and engagement in a literal way, through open public events, workshops and lectures and work with schools, young people, other partnerships to increase awareness. All of these museums will provideanswers to any of your puzzling questions.

Hordern-Dalgety Collection

The Hordern Dalgety Collection is one of the most important and popular collections of mechanical puzzles in the whole world.

James Dalgety is the current owner and curator of the collection. He started puzzling at a very young age in the 1950s and remains as devoted and passionate about puzzles as he was as a child. In 1971 James started Pentangle which he and his business partner, Ron Cook, built up over 10 years into Europe’s foremost source of mechanical puzzles. In 1978 Pentangle was the first company to introduce the Magic Cube (later known as Rubik’s Cube) to the Western world. Over the years he has also supplied antique puzzles to Museums and fellow collectors. In 2000 James’ best friend, the great puzzle collector, Edward Hordern sadly passed away and his family gave James all of the puzzles in his collection which Edward had built up over 20 years into the finest in the world.

Since that time the Hordern-Dalgety Museum has amassed over fifty thousand puzzlingtreasuresand James continues to devote his life to international puzzle research with puzzles from 320 BC to tomorrow’s prototypes. It is now considered one of the most important historical museums around the world and a treasure trove ofanswers for those needing help.



The Jerry Slocum Mechanical Puzzle Collection

The Jerry Slocum Collection is another of the most unique and eye-catching museums in the world. The museum, located in Indiana at Lilly Library houses a cornucopia of over 34,000 mechanical puzzles and books donated to them by the wonderful Jerry Slocum in a charming and beautiful setting from 19th century French, British, and American puzzles, ivory puzzles from China, Japanese secret opening boxes and lots more.

Jerry Slocum has been collecting mechanical puzzles his whole life from the age of eight when his parents brought back some baffling objects as gifts from their travels. He produced his first book on the subject aged 24. In 1955, on April 1st, Jerry Slocum inaugurated the first ‘International Puzzle Party’, inviting fellow enthusiasts and far-flung friends to his home to show, talk about, exchange and solve puzzles. What an event that must have been! How we wished we could have been there!

By 2006 Jerry had accumulated over 40,000 mechanical puzzles and the International Puzzles Party had outgrown Jerry’s private home and was moved to a hotel in Tokyo, beginning a regular rotation from the U.S. to Asia to Europe.

You can experience a select number of mechanical puzzles and see countless others sitting in displays, just waiting to be solved.


Labyrinth Woodworks and Puzzle Museum

TheLabyrinth Woodworksis owned and curated by Louis and Sue Toorenburg who are well known by puzzlists worldwide for there involvement with puzzles and the International Puzzle Party.Itis situated in South Hokianga, New Zealand.

The delightful ‘the giant’ Louis Toorenburg started his puzzle making in 1972 at age19 when he started to make puzzles to sell as Australian Markets and shops. Louis opened his first puzzle and craft shop in 1975 and opened theLabyrinth Woodworksand Museum in 2009.

This delightful puzzle emporium (officially opened by Oskar van Deventer), houses a wide range of diverse puzzling objects and over two thousand puzzles of all sorts of shapes and sizes collected over 50 years. Puzzles date from the late 1800s to modern-day and consist of baffling artefacts from renowned and obscure designers from all over the world.

If you find yourself in NewZealand and are hungry for knowledge on puzzles, then consider visiting the local museum it is well worth a trip. The site also provides a Labyrinth shop to purchase over 700 different mechanical puzzles, books and arts and crafts sourced from all over the globe TheLabyrinth Woodworksalso has the ‘Amazing Hedge Maze’, which is open all year that visitors can have a great time in.

Next door to the shop you will find great bushwalks to the Waiotemarama Falls and the massive ancient kauri, trees that have been growing there for over 1000 years.



The V&A Museum

The Victoria and Albert Museum in London is the world’s largest museum of applied and decorative arts and design, as well as sculpture. The foundation of this museum was laid by Queen Victoria herself, in 1899.

The museum houses over 5000 years of human collectables and resources of architecture, fashion, painting and art, jewellery, Asian designs and art. Hence, this might just be the most popular and historical museum on our list today.

The Museum has one of the finest collections ofgamesin the world, including 3000 examples of indoor and outdoor games including mechanical puzzles such as dissection and dexterity puzzles.


The International Intellectual and Puzzle Museum

This Mongolian museum in Eastern Ulaan-Baatar, the capital of Outer Mongolia was opened in 2009 and features a great collection of Mongolian puzzle toys and other rare and precious exhibits. The IIPM, or the IQ Museum for short contains over 11,000 thousand items from 130 countries around the World. All items are classified into 15 subcategories to create a friendly environment for visitors.

Owned and curated by Zandraa Tumen-Ulzii a designer and craftsman who became interested in puzzles at a very young age, the museum displays some puzzles created by Ulzii himself, as well as antique and rare puzzles from around the world that are presented to show people the importance of puzzles and how they can improve a person’s mental capacity.

Upon visiting, you will find a puzzle teacher who will perform various magic tricks and solve puzzles easily. You can also try to figure out puzzles but hey, don’t overdo it.


Lock Museum USA

If you want to have a remarkable, fun, and thrilling puzzle experience, you should visit the lock museum that is situated in the US.

One of the biggest museums in America that a locksmith or metagrobologist with a love of mechanical puzzle lock and trick locks would enjoy is the Lock Museum of America located in Terryville, Plymouth, Connecticut.

It houses the largest collection of locks and keys in the United States, and quite possibly, the world, on the site of the former headquarters of the Eagle Lock Company. The museum was founded in 1854 and now displays over 1000 locks, keys, bank locks and safes manufactured from the 1500s to the present day including antique, ornate medieval locks from Europe. All in all, a very good place to visit and know about some of the most unique historical puzzles.



Logic Puzzle Museum

The logic puzzle museum is situated in Burlington and provides a fun and exciting hands-on experience with a bunch of puzzles. There are more than 60 mechanical puzzle and brain-twisting puzzles that you can try in the museum.

The puzzle enthusiasts will surely love it and if you want to have a different and more lively experience, Logic Puzzle Museum is one of the top choices we can recommend.

Puzzle Mansion

The Puzzle Mansion is a museum in Brgy. Asasin, Tagaytay, Cavite, the Philippines which hosts the world’s largest collection of jigsaw puzzles by its founder Georgina Gil-Lacuna who passed away in 2014.

The museum which was opened to the public in 2012 displays a wide array of over 1000 jigsaw puzzles and currently holds the Guinness World record for the biggest puzzle ever made.


Dr. Hiren Shah’s Old Locks Collection

The LOCK ‘Houseum‘ (Lovers of old collectables and Knick Knacks) is a unique museum in Ahmedabad, India owned and curated by Dr Hiren Shah.

Dr Hiren Shah is a cerebral, ardent, puzzle and antique trick Lock collector, who is known worldwide. A native from Ahmedabad, India, and a practising paediatrician, he has always been fascinated by mechanical puzzles.

His and his wife’s Namita’s collection progresses on an ever-increasing scale and he has been widely featured across national media. It is frequented by many European antique collectors who visit for a tour the collection of over 2000 locks out of which 500 are trick locks.


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