Retailers Mechanical Puzzles致力于连接to the very best puzzle craftsmen, designers, retailers, blogs and sites that provide information on the world’s finest handcrafted mechanical puzzles. If you have any questions or comments regarding this area of the site, and/or would like to have your site added to the page please contact the website editor and metagrobologist via the contact page.Adrian Fisher Mazes LtdCreating an unusual, attractive, and tangled maze or labyrinth is a quite puzzling task itself. Adrian Fisher is a person who knows how to do this in the best way since he is the World’s leading maze designer. He has developed hundreds of mazes of numerous kinds, built-in various materials in different places of many countries all over the World.Akio KameiAkio Kamei has taken the beautiful and traditional Japanese secret boxes to a new and higher level and his exquisite craftsmanship is highly collectable.Andreas RöverA link to the amazing software ‘Burr Tools’ by Andreas Röver, that enables you to model, solve and design mechanical 3D and 2D puzzles.BartArtBart Buie is a craftsman and creator of precise, quality 3d mechanical puzzles often of Stewart Coffin’s designs.Bill Cutler Puzzles, Inc. The website of Bill Cutler, one of the World’s greatest puzzlers who combines math, puzzle designing and computer programming. The Metagrobologist is a great fan of his Packing and box-filling puzzles.Cubic Dissection.comEric Fuller got hooked on puzzles during the winter of 2002 after purchasing a 27 move puzzle box on eBay. In the summer of 2003, he started to offer high-quality production and exclusively limited edition interlocking puzzles and puzzle boxes to puzzle enthusiasts worldwide.Dan FeldmanThe website of Dan Feldman and his original puzzle lock known as the ‘DanLock’.David LitwinThe website of David Litwin and his original twisty puzzles and others.Edi Nagata – witfulnetJapanese puzzle designer Edi Nagata has created some of the world’s most popular and beautiful packing problems.GarE MaxtonGarE Maxton is a respected artist and designer of complex interlocking geometric metal sculptures and mechanical puzzles.George W. HartGeorge W. Hart is a professor at Stony Brook University. He is a dedicated collector and designer of mechanical puzzles and geometric sculptures and uses rapid prototyping (RP) technology for a range of purposes, including art, math, and education. Has anyone ever made his papercraft puzzle called ‘Frabjous’ out of 30 pieces of interwoven cardboard pieces? Let us know!Heartwood CreationsOver 40 years ago, Mike Fisher crafted his first Secret Box for his girlfriend. Since then, his passion for woodworking has grown into both a career and a world-renowned business, Heartwood Creations.Imaginary CubeThe website of puzzle designer Hideki Tsuiki, prof. of Kyoto University.Iwahiro’s PuzzlesHirokazu Iwasawa (Iwahiro)’s website introduces his puzzle designs in the Iwahiro’s Puzzles series. Every Iwahiro’s Puzzle has a clever and unusual idea behind it, and so some of them are prize winners of the prestigious Nob Yoshigahara Puzzle Design Competition (est. 2001): Rectangular Jam got the Honorable Mention in July 2005 in Helsinki, Finland, at IPP25; The ODD Puzzle became the Puzzle of the Year of that Competition in August 2008 in Prague, Czech Republic, at IPP28.Jean-Claude ConstantinJean-Claude Constantin is a prolific German mechanical puzzle designer. His website provides links to his many laser-cut wood puzzles, metal puzzles.Jerry McFarlandThe personal website and store of highly respected puzzle designer Jerry McFarland.Kadon Enterprises, Inc. Kadon Enterprises was founded in the Fall of 1979 by two married couples: Dick and Kate Jones, and Don and Nosi Burnham. The company’s goal was to make and sell high quality, boardgames, brainteasers, historical games, larger art pieces and puzzles that are a celebration of Mind—the uniquely human capacity to observe, learn, invent, imagine, reason and solve.Kagen SoundKagen Sound (formerly Kagen Schaefer) is a full-time artist and woodworker who has been designing and making secret opening boxes for 12 years. He is acknowledged by the Karakuri Creation Group in Japan, a guild of secret opening box makers, as a master box maker.Keith Winegar’s Wood PuzzlesThe website of Keith Winegar, creator and designer of wooden band sawn puzzles.Karakuri创建组This is a group of craftsmen who create secret opening boxes and other tricky puzzles and produce them of nice wood and with the highest quality using traditional and developed techniques. Many fantastic puzzle makers are the group’s members, among them Akio Kamei, the World’s most renowned puzzle box creator and craftsman.Kim KlobucherThe puzzle website of American puzzle designer and manufacturer Kim Klobucher and his exquisite looking hand-made, sequential movement puzzle boxes that require complicated moves to open.KosticksThe website of John and Jane Kostick, handcrafted mathematical constructions and custom building work.Leonid MochalovThis website is owned by the prolific Russian puzzle designer Leonid Mochalov. The website is filled with information on numerical and visual puzzles as well as mechanical puzzles.Markus GötzMechanical puzzles and objects designed by the prolific designer Markus Götz.MicrocubologyComplex 3D interlocking puzzle cubes from some of the world’s top puzzle designers printed in tough nylon or solid stainless steel by puzzle designer, 3D Modeler, Product Designer and craftsman Richard Gain.Mr. Puzzle AustraliaBrian Young. For more than 25 years Brian has been known for making high-quality wooden puzzles. Over the past few years, Brian’s interest has changed from high-level Burr puzzles to specialising more and more in very difficult Sequential Discovery puzzles.Oskar PuzzlesMechanical puzzles and objects designed by world-renown Oskar Van Deventer. Since 1978, Oskar has been creating hundreds of mechanical puzzles, making him one of the world’s most prolific designers and many of these her only exist thanks to 3D printing technologies.PopplockThe puzzle website of German master puzzle lock designer Rainer Popp.Pacific PuzzleworksLee Krasnow is a world-famous designer of interlocking wooden puzzles, master puzzle-craftsman, and owner of Pacific Puzzleworks: a California based puzzle manufacturing business.Pantazis Constantine HoulisThe website of Pantazis Constantine Houlis and his innovative new-concept puzzles.Puzzle DesignThe personal blog and store of Japanese puzzle designer Osanori Yamamoto.谜宫Retired American puzzle prototyper George Miller, is the owner and operator of Sonoma, CA-based Puzzle Palace. An avid metagrobologist, George uses his unique craftsmanship, equipment and technology to make 2D and 3D puzzle prototypes for the world’s greatest designers. Many are often sold at his Puzzle Palace website.PuzzzlevisionMichael Toulouzas is an award-winning designer and creator of wooden mechanical puzzles. He always liked geometry and puzzles and started working with wood in 1995 when creating cabinets, furniture, woodturning and boxes. In 2014 he was awarded the Grand Puzzlers Award in the IPP design competition in London.Puzzzle ZapperPuzzles designed by Alexandre Owen Muñiz.韦恩·丹尼尔斯游戏The website of retired physicist and puzzle expert from Nevada, USA, who has designed and fabricated an ‘enormous array’ of highly collectable and technically stunning wooden puzzles.Pantazis Constantine HoulisDr Pantazis Constantine Houlis has a successful academic career as an Electric and Civil Engineer researcher and distinguished lecturer, whilst gathering a vast collection of thousands of puzzles, one-fifth of which are his own designs. He has an extraordinary history of inventing unique and novel concepts, and every single concept may be used to design a completely new stream of hundreds of puzzles.PuzzledJeannette Aragon makes and sells handcrafted wooden puzzles and toys. At her website, you will find creatively designed, durably made, reasonably priced, heirloom-quality, handcrafted wooden puzzles and toys that are safe and fun for all ages. They include jigsaw and name puzzles, educational puzzles and Waldorf-inspired toys, 3D and photo puzzles, and puzzles that can be created just for you.Peter Rösler Puzzles. The website of puzzle designer Peter Rösler.PuzzleWoodBernhard Schweitzer’s website is a place on the Web where you can see a comprehensive collection of different, nicely handcrafted wooden puzzles. And in addition, you can buy them directly at his website. The Puzzle Gallery presents puzzles in various categories.Rocky chiaroMechanical hand machined Puzzles by Rocky Chiaro constructed from solid Brass.Scott ElliottThe personal blog of puzzle designer and collector Scott Elliott from Oregon, USA.Scott T, is home of to the gallery and puzzle designs created by the craftsman and mechanical puzzle designer Scott T Peterson. Scott works full time as an engineer and makes polyhedral puzzles as a hobby. Many of his beautiful Stewart Coffin designs are highly collectable.Sonic Games(UK)Sonic Games(UK) is a specialist high-quality puzzles and games company based in England. The company is run by Andrew Reeves, and entrepreneur and creator of the global isis adventure game.Tankenötter AB埃里克约翰逊造人y outstanding puzzles of different kinds. Some of them look just like simple toys but do not be misled–quite unexpectedly they pose hard challenges. Just try to disconnect two wooden rings or pair beads in a 4-bead necklace, or release a rope loop from a wire tangle, or made a 2-3-4 burr, or build a two-layered log pile. There is even much more to try and be amazed at.Tom JollyTom Jolly is a game designer, puzzle maker, electrical engineer, and astronautical engineer who is originally from El Segundo, California. He has produced a range of unique, popular puzzles including Tom’s Square Dance, Rattle Box and Packulier.Trevor Wood-Puzzles-Retailers Trevor Wood PuzzlesMechanical puzzles and objects designed by the hugely respected and collectable retired metagrobologist Trevor Wood.World of Wooden PuzzlesKarin & Jürg von Känel’s World of Wooden Puzzles documents the puzzles they have designed and made as well as some puzzles from their extensive collection.William Waite’s PuzzlemistWilliam Waite is an American music composer, artist and puzzle designer and manufacturer living in Wisconsin, USA. He is a highly collectable puzzle craftsman who designs and creates geometric puzzles in small quantities as well as collaborating with other famous puzzle designers.Tamás VanyóTamás Vanyó (Tamas Vanyo) is a prolific and popular puzzle designer/craftsman from Hungary who has produced over 100 exotic puzzle burr designs.Wood FrustrationsTom Lensch is a puzzle collector and puzzle craftsman extraordinaire. For almost two decades he makes different wooden puzzles of the highest quality. These are put-together, take-apart and interlocking puzzles which have an extremely pleasant look and enjoyable play. Tom designs own puzzles, collaborates with many famous puzzle designers, and attends different international puzzle meetings.WoodWonders OnlineThe popular website of puzzle craftsman Brian Menold. This retailers website is filled with a steady stream of handcrafted mechanical puzzles made from domestic and imported hardwoods, hand sanded and beautifully finished by a wonderful craftsman.The VIN&CO WebsiteWooden puzzles which are thoroughly designed and crafted by Václav Obšívač are so perfect that they can be described as a Harmony in Wood. Just browse through all this retailers website to see all of his puzzle creations (more than 170 at the moment!) and you will hear that Harmony.ZenPuzzlesThe website of puzzle designer Arthur Merganthaler.

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