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Mechanical Puzzle Blogs

Hajime Katsumoto-Slide Packing-3D PackingPuzzle-TheMetagrobologist-puzzle blogs is dedicated to linking to the very best puzzle craftsmen, designers, retailers, puzzle blogs and sites that provide information on the world’s finest handcrafted mechanical puzzles. If you have any questions or comments regarding this area of the site, and/or would like to have your site added to the page please contact the website editor and metagrobologist via the contact page.

Puzzling Times


Boxes and Booze

Zen Puzzler

Hales Puzzles

Jerry’s Mechanical Puzzle & Brain Teaser Collection

Extreme Puzzling

Rob’s Puzzle Page

Puzzling in wonderland

Puzzle Pusher – Addicted to Puzzles of all types

Puzzling Parts

Brian’s Damn Puzzles

Puzzle Paradox

Pavel’s Puzzle Blog

Heavy Metal Puzzles

IPP and Other Puzzle Frustrations

Gabriel Fernandes Puzzle Collection

Mr Puzzle’s Blog


This page has been created to act as a constantly updated, serious portal and directory to many of the world’s most popular mechanical blogs. If you know of any blogs or have a blog and would like to be added to the list, provide a small biography and please取得联系orget involved. We are happy for anyfeedback.


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Favourite Random Designers

Donald Goddard Mechanical Puzzles
Yukio Hirose Mechanical Puzzles
Ryuusei Kaigo Mechanical Puzzles
Carmelo Ciaccio Mechanical Puzzles
Camille Xu Mechanical Puzzles
Chris Enright Mechanical Puzzles
Andreas Unsicker Mechanical Puzzles
Bohumil Zima Mechanical Puzzles
Camille Xu Mechanical Puzzles
Chris Enright Mechanical Puzzles

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