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Osanori Yamamotois a popular wooden puzzle designer from Japan who has produced over 200 mechanical puzzle designs. Osanori-san’s puzzle designs are eagerly collected by collectors worldwide.

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Many ofOsanori Yamamoto’swooden puzzles can be purchased at hiswebsiteand also atPuzzlewood,Puzzlemasterand other selected puzzle sites such asMr Puzzle Australia.

Osanori Yamamoto Wooden Puzzles

A guide to the puzzles of Osanori. (Please feel free to update on missing puzzles).

All Tetra Pod Apollo Apple
Aqua Toto Castlehole Cockpit
Compass Galaxy Half Spin
Identical Twins Ice Pillar Ice Pillar 2
Lucida Mirror Tetra x 2 Neo Saturn
Polestar Rattle Twist Ring Case
Roll Cake Rose Top
Treasure Box Two-Tone Zero Stair Cube
Zero Zeus Lychee

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Interested in new mechanical wooden puzzles? VisitOy Sloyd Abfor a wide range of different puzzles (eg Rubik’s Cube, traditional puzzle games such as a pirate jacket and Hanayama Cast Metal Pencils)!


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Image Attribution:Mysterious Galaxy by Osanori Yamamoto © Bernhard Schweitzer (PuzzleWood)

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