New Releases May 2020

New Releases May 2020

TheMetagrobologist loves mechanical puzzles and especially new releases. This May 2020 we once more look at sharing the very latest news and updates on new mechanical puzzles from the world’s very best designers and craftsmen across the Internet.

RIPtide by Andrew Crowell © WoodWondersOnline

无论他们是3 d印刷、木制、金属或from other exotic materials. If you are on the lookout for a must-have mechanical puzzle? Well, look no further. We have some great new updates across the world of puzzles.

Wood Wonders Onlinehas been producing stunning handmade wooden puzzles, for collectors and puzzle enthusiasts all over the world for several years from the wonderful Brian Menold. This month, Brian has more wonders available:

  • Collator# by Alexander Magyarics.
  • Snake Packs# by Haym Hirsh.
  • RIPtide# by Andrew Crowell.
  • Red Poppy# by Alexander Magyarics.
  • RIPley– A Board Burr with rotations # by Andrew Crowell.

4L-Yasuhiro Hashimoto CubicDissectionhad an update on May 15th with a terrific new selection of puzzles which you need to checkout!

  • HexTrios by Fuller/Dawson
  • Grooved Three Piece Burr by Kouki Kusumi
  • Geneva by William Hu
  • Rupture by Alexander Magyarics
  • 4L by Yasuhiro Hashimoto – Yikes we missed it due to garden renovations….
  • Jon Keegan’s extraordinaryTumbler and Double Tumblerare now also available from Eric Fuller’s online store.

Puzzle Masterhas announced a range of new puzzles from Pelikan Puzzles including the:

Triangle Cube 3designed by Osanori Yamamoto.Pumpkin 1山本由Osanori设计以及太棒ic-lookingThe Overtime puzzle boxand Five Fit, #177A by Stewart Coffin crafted by Creative Crafthouse andFlohcircusby Jean Claude Constantin.

Triangle Cube3-Wooden-Puzzle Pumpkin 1-Wooden-Puzzle Pumpkin 1-Wooden-Puzzle Five Fit-Wooden-Puzzle

Flohcircus-New Releases
Flohcircus (or Flea Circus) is an intriguing puzzle box that features a plexiglass front and a wooden hemisphere on the opposite side. The objective is to figure out how to open the box.

Interested in new mechanical wooden puzzles?

This page has been created to act as a constantly updated guide to new releases of many of the world’s most amazing mechanical puzzles.What are Mechanical Puzzles, read our guide. Want a solution? can provide mechanical puzzle, wood puzzle, castpuzzle solutionsand support you with information, advice and guidance to a welcoming community.

If you have a blog and would like to be added to the list, provide a small biography and please get in touch. Want towrite an article for the site? Get in touch.

Random Designers

Jane Kostick Mechanical Puzzles
Robrecht Louage Mechanical Puzzles
Hiroyuki Oka Mechanical Puzzles
Yavuz Demirhan Mechanical Puzzles

Interested in new mechanical wooden puzzles? VisitOy Sloyd Abfor a wide range of different puzzles (eg Rubik’s Cube, traditional puzzle games such as a pirate jacket and Hanayama Cast Metal Pencils)!


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Image Attribution:The cover picture of this blog post and internal images ©PuzzleMaster

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