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机械拼图是难题,涉及几个物体或由一个或多个可移动部件组成的单个对象,其解决方案需要从初始状态移动到预定义的最终状态。他们首先由Louis Hoffmann在古老和新的谜题分类。

Professor Hoffmann-Peter Knoppers-Peters Non-flipping Tri-Cairos-Mechanical-Puzzles-TheMetagrobologist 詹姆斯·达格斯和爱德华·霍德defined mechanical puzzles as Any hand-held objects that you can give to someone with a question starting with “Can You … ?”. Thus:- Can you put it together? Can you take it apart? Can you Drink out of it? Etcetera.

Unlike recreational math, word or jigsaw puzzles, mechanical puzzles are hand-held (Mind-boggling) tangible objects that must be manipulated to achieve a specific goal. Popular examples include Rubik’s Cube, wire disentanglement puzzles, burr puzzles, sliding block puzzles, pentominoes, tangrams, Soma Cube etc.



目前,存在太瓦o main classifications of puzzles. One by James Dalgety & Edward Hordern and another by Jerry Slocum (using a scheme based on Professor Hoffmann).

Jerry Slocum
Jerry Slocum

Jerry Slocum

Jerry Slocum’s Classification and Taxonomy is based on the late Angelo John Lewis, more commonly known as Professor Hoffmann. Professor Hoffmann catalogued most of the mechanical puzzles available in Victorian London in the 1890s together with their solutions in a range of popular books. Edward Hordern reprinted one of these ‘Puzzles old and new -1893′ in 1988 in hardback.

The classification devised by Jerry Slocum encompasses 10 main classes and several subclasses and is used by the Lilly Library to catalogue his donated collection of over 30,000 puzzles.


James Dalgety的方案包含十四个主类,每个主类中有几个子类,以便在类别中更有区别。它用于在世界着名的益智博物馆上编制巨大的荒漠酒集合。


Jerry Slocum Puzzle Collection –

詹姆斯·达格斯和爱德华·霍德Puzzle Museum

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