January 2020 Puzzle News

January 2020 Puzzle News

Happy New Year everyone! Time for som January 2020 Puzzle News. January is always kind of a slow month for many of us back at work after the holiday season, however, a new year means another chance to obtain even more puzzles, and you can start your year right with the following selection of new mechanical puzzles coming out in January. There are plenty of reasons to keep your metagrobology resolution happy and we promise, there will be no shortage of finger-bashing puzzling showstoppers—and that’s just this month. ReadPuzzle Release Dates – January 2020.

B-Lock II Puzzle-Boaz Feldman-Trick Lock-TheMetagrobologist
The terrific B-Lock Trick Lock by Boaz Feldman

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The January 2020 Puzzle News page and all of TheMetagrobologist has been created to act as a constantly updated, seriousportal and directoryto many of the world’s most popular, foremost and prolific mechanical puzzle designers and craftsmen. If you are a craftsman or puzzle designer and would like to be added to the list, provide a small biography, display some new puzzle designs, news, or add new links or information for our readers please get in touch.

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VisitOy Sloyd Abfor a wide range of different puzzles (eg Rubik’s Cube, traditional puzzle games such as a pirate jacket and Hanayama Cast Metal Pencils)! Why not read all of ourPuzzle Links. We also have a popular magazine,TheMetagrobologist Magazine. Make sure you visit our shop dedicated to this quarterly published volume full of puzzle wonders. Check out ourPuzzle Retailers Page.


If you have searched for a puzzle and it is not yet found within TheMetagrobologist site, then feel free to email us with details, classification and any images with links to the source. We will of course credit you. If you have the information you’d like us to share on January 2020 Puzzle News or a future month, let us know again.


Check out our latestblog posts for site updatesand our January 2020 Puzzle News area for thelatest puzzle news. Check out our latestInterviews with talented designers and craftsmen worldwidesuch as our interview withKim Klobucher,Alfons Eyckmans Puzzle Beginnings,Jeffrey AurandandAll about Book puzzles by Peter Gal. Check out our great article on theHistory of JIgsaws Pt 2,Impossible Cards,Real-Life room escape games, anunusual Poison Oak puzzle. Check out our reviews of thePin Block Case,Penta in a Box,Six-Piece Burr Set,Identical Twinsand read up on our article onIPP37.

Random Designers

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