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联合王国新陈代谢学家致力于联系最好的拼图工匠,设计师,零售商,blogs and sites that provide information on the world's finest handcrafted mechanical puzzles.If you have any questions or comments regarding this area of the site,and/or would like to have your site added to the page please contact the website editor and metagrobologist via the contact page.


Puzzle Museum
The world's greatest collection of puzzles.拼图分类和分类分类。The Hordern-Dalgety Collection was started in 1886.

The Jerry Slocum Collection of mechanical puzzles The Jerry Slocum Collection of mechanical puzzles embodies a lifetime pursuit of the intriguing and the perplexing.

Puzzle World
益智世界包含有关许多世界上最好的手工机械益智的信息和插图。His site has Java applets of sliding puzzles,details on Stewart Coffin books,还有很多。

Nick Baxter's Puzzle Links
Nick Baxter is a software product manager by profession,but his real passion is puzzling.He is the captain of both the U.S.益智和数独团队和具有广泛的机械益智收集从1992年开始收集。His personal collection has over 3,000 puzzles which he appreciates as works of art.His site links to the incredible Baxterweb,where you can participate in auctions for rare puzzles and his amazing Sliding Puzzle Page.

Ishino Keiichiro的网站包含了大量关于机械装配和连锁拼图的精确描述。Regularly updated with the designs of craftsmen and designers across the world.

Puzzle Place
Puzzle Place is a site devoted to those wanting to find out about many different puzzles,who designs them,谁创造了它们,还有更多。

Puzzle Finder
The reference site of Leo Hordijk.

World Puzzle Federation
世界智力竞赛联合会是由对智力竞赛感兴趣的法律机构组成的协会。Only one organization per country can belong to the WPF.世界乒乓球联合会在构成一个国家方面遵循奥林匹克标准,并特别监督世界智力竞赛锦标赛(WPC),World Sudoku Championship (WSC) and other WPF events.

Official web page of the UK puzzle association
The Official Website of the UK Puzzle Association,世界智力竞赛联合会(WPF)的英国成员。

General Resources Articles

Orderly Tangles Revisited
Orderly Tangles Revisited by George W.雄鹿。


Kumiki Puzzle
A site dedicated to Kumiki Puzzle.

Jaap Scherphuis益智页面
Jaap Scherphuis为Rubik Cube成瘾者提供了来自David Singmaster的大量关于智力游戏和娱乐数学的信息。


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