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Jane Kostickis a mathematician, designer, carpenter and craftsman from Massachusetts, the USA who is highly regarded for her incredible looking geometric sculptures and puzzles in wood. She began woodworking in junior high and high school and went on to get a math degree in college, which is when she became interested in making artwork based on mathematical concepts. Jane now sees herself as a math artist who creates furniture, cabinetry, and puzzles. She particularly enjoys creating objects manufactured from exotic hardwoods “people can play with” and gifts such as multidimensional jewellery boxes.

Jane and her husband John Kostick draw heavily on geometry and mathematics in their artwork and work both together as well as independently to produce some stunning artistic objects, many of which have been entered into the Nob Yoshigahara Puzzle Design Competition.


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If interested in the work of Jane and her husband John, visit their incredible websiteKosticks.

Jane Kostick Puzzles

Jane有亲duced some great wooden puzzles, of which many are below (Please feel free to update on missing puzzles).

Phive Pack 3-Layer Tetraxis Array Oct-Tetraxis Assemblies*2
Chamfered Cube*2 Double Duals*2 3-Layer Tetraxis Array *2
7-10 Split*2

* TheMetagrobologist most wanted. Do you have a copy to sell/trade? Email or PM us on our Facebook Page.
* With John M. Kostick.

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Image Attribution:The cover picture of this blog post isOct-Tetraxis Assemblies by Jane Kostick/John M. Kostick © Nick Baxter (BaxterWeb)

Update:Page updated 8/5/20

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