2015年,Themetagrobologist联系了Jerry Slocum关于他对机械谜题的巨大了解,他的收藏和历史Slocum拼图基础。The杰里斯洛克里Collection of mechanical puzzles is an astonishing archive and we hope you enjoy the interview as originally presented in Issue one of the Metagrobologist. In the interview, he describes his Mechanical Puzzle Classification system and Taxonomy, the Slocum Puzzle Foundation, rare puzzles, his personal favourite puzzles and lots more.

采访Jerry Slocum

戒指“o”7拼图 TheMetagrobogrolation.:We understand you began solving and saving mechanical puzzles in 1939 at age eight when your parents brought them back from their travels as presents. Can you recall what your very first puzzle was and do you still have it to this day?

Jerry Slocum:As a child, I remember the joy of solving wire puzzles from Gilbert boxed sets, the Take-it-Apart puzzle, which was a wonderful challenge and the Trylon and Perisphere interlocking puzzle from the 1939 New York World’s Fair that later became the first interlocking keychain puzzle.


Jerry Slocum:求解环“o”7拼图(图2)对我来说是一个10岁的人来说是一个非常困难的挑战。然而,即使花了几个星期的时间来解决中国戒指的谜题,当我做奖励时,即使是一个小男孩就立即和深刻。我的妹妹,母亲和父亲以及童年的朋友,无法解决。它让我的自我提升到一个新的水平,让我成为一个寿命的机械谜题。

Trylon&Perisphere Puzzle 杰瑞:当我从我的工作作为一个设计师cockpi退休的ts for the latest military fighter combat aircraft at Hughes Aircraft Company in 1993, I realised that I wanted a permanent home for my entire collection of mechanical puzzles that would keep together all of the puzzles, my library of 4000 puzzle books and my files of research on the history of mechanical puzzles. They must be preserved but available to the public and scholars and used by all of the departments of a University as an educational resource for classes and for research. I also insisted that there must be a permanent display of all ten types of mechanical puzzles and at least 25 different “hands-on” puzzles on tables for visitors to solve.

TheMetagrobogrolation.:的斯洛克姆Puzzle Foundation was established on August 10, 1993, as a nonprofit private museum building near your home in Beverly Hills, California and you contributed over 30,000 puzzles and 4,000 books. What inspired you to provide this wonderful gesture to create the largest assemblage of its kind in the world? How has it been received over the years?

TheMetagrobogrolation.:Your Mechanical Puzzle Classification and Taxonomy is widely regarded as the main Puzzle Classification system. How and when did you first devise the ten classifications?

Jerry Slocum:By 1979, my collection of puzzle consisted of 3017 puzzles and I needed some way to organise and store them so I could find each of the puzzles when I needed to. So I devised a taxonomy, partly based on Professor Hoffmann’s book. By 1985, I expanded it to include additional types of what I considered mechanical puzzles. This included puzzle vessels, impossible objects, folding puzzles and vanishing puzzles.


1. Put-Together Puzzles: The principal objective is to put the puzzle together Examples are two-dimensional assembly puzzles such as tangrams, Anchor Blocks, jigsaws, “T” puzzles, edge-matching puzzles; three-dimensional, non-interlocking assembly puzzles such as “Soma”; matchstick puzzles; miscellaneous put-together puzzles such as “Instant Insanity” and puzzle rings.


3. Interlocking Solid Puzzles: The object is to disassemble and then reassemble the puzzle. Examples are figural puzzles (animals and objects) and geometric objects; three-dimensional jigsaws; burr puzzles; keychain puzzles.


4. Disentanglement Puzzles: The object is to disentangle the pieces and then put them back together. Examples include cast iron and sheet metal puzzles, wire puzzles (such as Chinese Rings), and string puzzles.



7.拼图船:物体是填充船只或从船舶中饮用而不会溢出。例子包括拼图水壶和填充 - 底部的酒壶,茶壶和投手。

8. Vanish Puzzles: The object is to explain how an image has changed or a part of the image has vanished. The prime example is Sam Loyd’s “Get Off the Earth” puzzle.

9. Folding Puzzles: The object is to fold a paper or hinged object to form a specified pattern (both two- and three-dimensional).

10. Impossible Puzzles: The object is to explain how an object was made or why it behaves in a seemingly impossible way. Examples are the arrow through a glass bottle or a ship in a bottle.

TheMetagrobogrolation.:How have you enjoyed developing the museum and the online database of the collection at the Indiana University Digital Library Program.

Jerry Slocum:我的满意度一直是Lilly Library对难题的方式;显示并保存它们,但同时使所有这些都可以在受控条件下提供给公众。(图4)我真的很感谢他们的努力,以便在线提供超过24,000多个,其中包含关于每个难题的照片和数据。全职拼图策展人,安德鲁·罗达在莉莉图书馆和我收到的询问人数和类型非常令人欣慰。和使用该系列的国际和美国访客的数量是有益的。


Jerry Slocum:Many early mathematical recreations books from as early as 1500 include several mechanical puzzles, but the first book with a more comprehensive mechanical puzzle content was written by a famous magician, Professor Hoffmann and titled “Puzzles Old and New”( A large number of dexterity, secret opening wooden puzzles, put together puzzles, string and wire puzzles, matchstick puzzles, solitaire puzzles, mazes, counter jumping puzzles and even impossible puzzles were included with their solutions. The book is occasionally for sale from magic book dealers for several hundred dollars).

The Cube Book


Jerry Slocum:To me, the best mechanical puzzles have very few pieces and are difficult but not too difficult and should be solvable by a good solver in minutes, not hours. Puzzles requiring an unexpected and unusual move that can be found by logical analysis are the most fun and the most gratifying to me when I solve them.

TheMetagrobogrolation.:What category of puzzles does he find hardest?

Jerry Slocum:当我年龄时,我发现字符串拼图最令人沮丧,




Jerry Slocum:Of course, there are many solvers and designers that primarily enjoy burr puzzles, and I made hundreds of them from Filipiak’s and Wyatt’s books as soon as I purchased a table saw in 1955. However, I do not believe they outnumber the people that enjoy other categories of mechanical puzzles. One example is the Puzzle Crazes that have occurred since 1800. The first Puzzle Craze occurred in England in 1817 and it involved two-dimensional put together puzzles called Tangram. The second Puzzle Craze in 1880 was the 15 puzzle, a sequential movement puzzle that was impossible to solve. The third puzzle craze was a dexterity puzzle called Pigs in Clover in 1889 and the fourth and most recent puzzle craze was the Rubik’s Cube in 1980, which is still very popular.


The IPP 32 Puzzle Exchange in 2012 included 30 two-dimensional put together puzzles, 16 three-dimensional put together puzzles, 9 secret opening puzzles, and seven burrs. And the IPP 32 Design Competition included 15 two-dimensional put together puzzles, 14 sliding block puzzles and 13 burrs, which tied for the third most popular puzzle type in this competition.


Jerry Slocum:我将这个问题推迟到Wei Zhang,这是一个谜题的中国美国拼图和益智书籍和中国拼图展览的作者。她和她的丈夫Peter Rasmussen经常前往中国,知道很多中国益智收藏家。以下是您对问题的答案:

“There’s no lack of Chinese collectors, and there are many events and publications that cater to collectors. The traditional Chinese culture has great respect for antiquity, and people with means have collected antique objects for thousands of years. Traditional collections include expertly crafted items made of porcelain, jade, bronze, wood, ivory and other materials.

Collections of scholar’s items might include old tangram books, dishes, sets of pieces, as well as other traditional puzzles. Many collections were lost during the foreign occupations of the late Qing dynasty, the wars of the Republic period, and the chaos of the Cultural Revolution. But today, with more people than ever before having the resources to purchase and collect antiques, demand far exceeds supply, and prices have risen to astronomical levels.

对于在中国内部益智收集的任何较小程度的兴趣中,我们认为这主要是由于语言差异以及中国在拼图收集期间相对孤立和穷人的事实开始在西方世界和日本流行。老一辈Chinese puzzlers“是可能有兴趣的知识分子,但不是积累谜题收集的手段。因为他们缺乏精密机械,所以他们收集的谜题往往是自制的,质量差。

The Slocum room
The Slocum room

They were also handicapped by a currency that was not convertible on the international market and travel restrictions that prevented them from attending meetings with puzzlers from other countries and made outside of China.

Now there is a whole new generation of Chinese puzzlers—mostly Rubik’s cubers who have expanded their interest to include other intellectual challenges, including cube variations, Suduko, and traditional and modern mechanical puzzles.

Peter Rasmussen和Wei Zhang

TheMetagrobogrolation.:Would you like to see more people researching the history of MPs?

Jerry Slocum:当然!很少有益智收集者的研究谜题史,找到机械谜题的起源并发现古老的机械谜题是令人着迷的。

TheMetagrobogrolation.:If you had only one category of mechanical puzzles to collect what would it be?

Jerry Slocum:Secret opening puzzles.

TheMetagrobogrolation.:Who do you admire as a puzzle master and designer?

Jerry Slocum:Two puzzle designers have revolutionised entire classes of mechanical puzzles: Stewart Coffin made enormous advances in the design and crafting of Interlocking Puzzles and Akio Kamei has added a whole new class of secret opening puzzles. Oscar van Deventer has designed many new puzzle concepts, especially “Twisty” sequential movement puzzles. Kagen Schaefer has won numerous awards for combining mathematics, art and different types of puzzles into amazing new puzzles.

塞古医生:Who do you consider the best puzzle solver to be?

Jerry Slocum:Wei-Hwa Huang一直是我知道的最好的拼图求解器。

TheMetagrobogrolation.:You have written a wide variety of periodical articles about puzzles and puzzle books. What can you tell us about your new book?

The Slocum room
The Slocum room

Jerry Slocum:It will be about my most exciting puzzle discoveries of secret opening padlocks and a puzzle safe designed and made in the Roman Empire during the first century A.D.

TheMetagrobogrolation.:Who do you consider to have contributed most (besides yourself) to Metagrobology and the history of MPs?

Jerry Slocum:David Singmaster,DIC Sonneveld和Dieter Gebhardt。

TheMetagrobogrolation.:In your experience, what puzzle has been most successful? What do you think made them a success?

Jerry Slocum:Rubik的立方体一直是销售超过3亿超过3亿的最佳销售拼图。多维数据集形状,每侧具有不同的纯色和优雅的机制,非常神秘,令人满意,并使求解器能够在所有3个维度中旋转立方体的部分。它还允许您公平地解决一方,并挑战您解决整个立方体。


Jerry Slocum:未来的难题收集是非常令人兴奋的。The availability of 3-dimensional computer design programs allows very complex shapes to be made very easily and cheaply on the amazing3-D打印machines that have already had a huge effect on the design and manufacturing of interesting new puzzles. And we have just seen the beginning of this revolution in the design and manufacturing of new elegant mechanical puzzles. The future of puzzle collecting has never been brighter.

TheMetagrobogrolation.:Thank you, Jerry, you’re a gentleman.


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