拼图狩猎are family-friendly games in which participants contest to answer a series of puzzles on a specific site, on various sites, or across the Internet. In a puzzle hunt, individuals, but more commonly teams of puzzlers or ‘puzzlists’ groups race to solve creative riddles, mini-games and puzzles that are connected and fit together through an intuitive meta-puzzle, leading to answers gathered in the last set of solutions.

Often these puzzles come with no actual instructions – and participants must attempt to figure out (half the challenge) what to do in a similar way as solving a new mathematical problem or mechanical puzzle. This may involve识别、逻辑思考、创造性或abstractly to find seemingly patternless data, make connections, interpret the clues using different approaches in order to obtain the treasured “Aha!” or lightbulb moment. This is often in the form of a single word, number or short phrase that provides the affirmation to move to the next step and fits within the overall theme.

一种meta-puzzleis a type of puzzle that unites and incorporates answers from a range of puzzles that are fed into it, for example, a puzzle consisting of four puzzles with the answer JACK, GALLEON, TREASURE and SPARROW would lead to the metapuzzle answer PIRATE, from the film ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’. Alternatively, four answers such as PILLAR, CLASSIFICATION, DELICATES, LOCATES, would lead to the metapuzzle answer CAT, which is contained within all of those words to make new words and phrases. Metapuzzles can be far more complex than this and are a good example of how they work.


一种ll puzzle hunt games are entertaining co-operative events that can last a couple of hours, or as long as a month, or more. Many often require travel from one location to another, others can be played from the pleasure of your own home.

Each puzzle hunt is always unique and lovingly-crafted by耻辱recreational mathemagicianswith a specific one-of-a-kind theme or story. Puzzles are then assigned to participants at intervals upon discovery of the next puzzle and so on. Moreover, many common puzzles often contain a meta-puzzle, in which teams need to solve fiendishly cryptic challenges such as codes or ciphers, wordplay, cryptic crosswords, word searches, etc as a way to unlock the next clue. Many of these puzzles are not the same as you find in newspapers.

Because they’re so familiar by almost everyone, puzzle hunts have evolved to offer more creative methods that are unique, novel, and without instruction.Sometimes it demands solvers to combine solutions using lateral thinking to understand. For example, tasking a solver to combine objects, shuffle words or letters, cut things out and rearrange them, fold an item into geometric origami shape, complete a word search to use and decipher the leftover letters, unencode and extract ciphers and codes, combine and build an item, draw lines on things, sort things into groups and lots more.

一种Brief History Of Puzzle Hunts

这concept of寻宝is as ancient as antiquity, in which Treasure Island is reasonably influential in spreading the idea and setting the structure. It has changes related to the theme. If there are a lot of things to look for, then this game may be more strictly considered a scavenger hunt. Puzzle hunts are different in that they are a game with its own unique history.

Frequently, the gossip columnist Elsa Maxwell is referred to as the mother of puzzle hunts after adapting treasure hunts into a party game. Attendees at her parties slowly led to the transformation of the treasure hunt into the puzzle hunt genre. In 1980, Walt Disney Productions released a film called Midnight Madness, which was the subject of a fictional puzzle. The author recognised Los Angeles graphic designer Don Luskin game as a motivation for the theory, even though they never played themselves.

1981年,布拉德Schaefer推出了麻省理工学院神秘狩猎which has ever since been heavily influential in the rise of many university mystery puzzle hunts worldwide. The MIT Mystery Hunt is organised by the previous year’s winning team and generally consists of a number of puzzles which, when solved, usually unlock more puzzles.

一种lternately, in 1985, many fans and admirers of puzzles were inspired by the ‘Midnight Madness’ film to explore and then create ‘游戏'

在比赛之后的成功和媒体聚光灯,类似,更大的单日游戏,如爆炸,炒作和BAPL,在海湾地区,西雅图和波士顿,以及由Shinteki等公司经营的那些逐渐出现。这导致了更广泛的类似游戏传播,例如DASHandPUZZLE PINT!!



麻省理工学院神秘狩猎可能是美国马萨诸塞州理工学院的最古老和最大的年度益智狩猎比赛。每年在Mittin Luther King Day Days周末举行麻省理工学院,它每年迷人数千名参与者和数百名队伍。这次活动鼓励了Microsoft,Stanford大学,墨尔本大学和南卡罗来纳大学的同样的竞赛。

2- VT Hunt

这VT Hunt那with the symbol ᚖᚌᚖ, is an annual puzzle hunt at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. The competition usually involves hundreds to thousands of participants, with the 2019 Hunt appealing about 1,800 people on 550 teams.

3- Microsoft Puzzle Hunt

Microsoft Puzzle Hunt是一项始于1999年的每年周年周末的Microsoft传统。这个拼图狩猎与麻省理工学院神秘狩猎相同。Microsoft Puzzle Hunt是一个团队拼图比赛,挑战每个团队解决众多不同类型的真实难题。解决方案,同时与MetaPuzzuzz结合使用,指的是微软校园的任何地方的隐藏宝藏。团队奉献周末解决真实和独特的谜题,通常由赢得最后一个狩猎的团队编写。

4-Singapore Puzzle Hunt

Singapore Puzzle Huntis an annual on-site puzzle hunt modelled after the MIT Mystery Hunt which is held June/July.

5- Herald Hunt

这Herald Hunt或者是热带狩猎,是佛罗里达州迈阿密举行的一年一度的益智狩猎。迈阿密先驱专栏作家Dave Barry与热带编辑Gene Weingarten和Tom Shroder共同制作了这款狩猎。

6- TMOU.

tmou.is reasoning, technical, team, collaborative, outdoor and night puzzle hunt in Brno, Czech Republic. It is held every year in early November. Two hundred teams of more than five take part in each. The period of the game is between 17 and 20 hours that usually starts on Friday evening and ends on Saturday afternoon.


这Gen Con Puzzle Hunt
Galactic Puzzle Hunt
College Puzzle Challenge

How a puzzle hunt features a chain or series of puzzles?

Many Puzzle hunts follow a standard convention to ensure participants solve puzzle logically and utilise special puzzles known as metapuzzles or metas. Puzzle hunt puzzles can consist of a vast array of different puzzles types and the content can range from simple anagrams, crosswords and word search to complex cryptic puzzles involving encoded letters, music files, old documents, interactive games, and more.


一种large puzzle hunt as Mystery Hunt usually involves different rounds, each with multiple metas, each chaining answers to numerous puzzles. Sometimes, these metas are also used together to make an answer to the meta-meta puzzle. Once a team has solved the meta-meta, the Mystery Hunt ends with one last puzzle known as run around. It consists of wandering around campus to find the place of the hidden coin.

一种puzzle hunt features a series of puzzles, usually grouped together by an over-arching theme or story. Numerous puzzle hunts are events held in a particular area, and puzzles guide the solver from one physical place to another. The second puzzle hunts can be played entirely online. Some puzzle hunts with archives of their past puzzles that players can solve and love are given below:

2-Tone Game

Singapore Puzzle Hunt
•College Puzzle Challenge
Cryptex (Prexcyt) Quest
这Famine Game
•Galactic Puzzle Hunt
•Herald Hunt/Tropic Hunt

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