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Emil Askerli.(Émil Áskerli) is a puzzle designer from Stockholm, Sweden who has produced a number of popular mechanical puzzles. A number of his designs have been produced by Eric Fuller at Cubic Dissection and other notable artisans.

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Availability: Many of Emil Askerli’s puzzles have been created by Eric Fuller at CubicDissection

Emil Askerli拼图

Emil Askerli的谜题。

TrappedCoffee Clamped Cubes Tron
Krios1. Maze Box 迷宫箱1
克里奥斯 Gyrothrome Gyrothrome1
Cobalt Vitrail1 Strap*
Hitch Quadrick Ethereal
Dolce Peridot Astrof
Tvan Matrix 星云
Fragmentator Spring Catena
Cobweb Circuit Board Slant
急转 菱形 地雷

*Wanted: Strap and Fragmentator


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Dave Holt is a metagrobologist based in England. He revels in the thrill of the aha! whether it is a mechanical puzzle, escape room or puzzle hunt.

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