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The Curious Elevator of Mr Hincks Review

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A review of The Curious Elevator of Mr Hincks by Bluefish Games. Find out why you should own the puzzle.

出版商:由Bluefish Games制作

Hincks Mr Mr Hincks-含量的好奇电梯 The Curious Elevator of Mr Hincks states it is an eccentric play-at-home puzzle game for room escapers, board gamers, and the curious-minded. TheMetagrobologist is happy to report we agree!

We originally saw this on Kickstarter a while back but was funding three other projects at the time so held off. We were delighted when it hit funding and was fulfilled. You can now purchase a copy of这里先生的奇怪电梯

The story to this puzzling game is that Mr Stephen P. Hincks, an eccentric old puzzler who has decided to design his own personal enigma for you to solve. Mr Hincks has created a virtual “puzzling elevator” or as we call it in the UK, a ‘lift’, that will carry you up and down the floors on your adventure, with one small catch: any time you want to activate the elevator, you’ll need to solve a puzzle.

Actually, it seems like there are two small catches: this elevator doesn’t allow you to select where you want to go, so you’ll have to trust that it’s going to take you where you need to go.


Hincks先生的好奇电梯= Breainteasers 当你打开包裹你面对一个collection of mostly paper-based ephemera using different paper stock. The props consist of a welcome letter and pencil, the Hincks Gazette newspaper, a voucher, a mysterious perspex disc and blue square, a crossword booklet, Hincks Tower floor plan, an extraordinary calendar (you’ll discover why), complaint letter, to-do-list, 4 postcards, a certificate, elevator permit form and a sealed envelope with no clues as to how to use them.

And so begins the adventure.


Once you have explored the letter and fun collection of resources you can then head off to the website where you are tasked to click on the elevator to start your journey up 100 levels. In actual fact, you traverse 7 floors during the adventure with each floor proving a wealth of hint to a full solution if you require it to avoid any frustration. After clicking on the elevator you are transported to the first puzzle on level 63 with the website page changing to present you with an image of what you can see. The only way forward is to solve the first puzzle presented to you in a small parcel.


Hincks先生的好奇电梯 - 谜题 从地板(81)我们移动到地板(71),面对安全的安全,我们需要输入代码。


We very much liked how the experience and movement from each floor take you progressively through one puzzle to another and got completely lost at one stage concerning the S.P. Hincks stocks before we moved to floor (20).

Overall we liked it! We were happily entertained for just over 2 hours and found the experience incredibly family-friendly, enjoyable and extremely well thought out. The box offers an engaging and thoroughly fun escape with some nice visuals, some innovative puzzles (especially those with tangible elements) leading towards a final meta-puzzle. You can easily see the care and attention the designer Stephen P. Hincks has put into it. We can’t wait to be transported again in a future package.

If we could ask for anything more, small quibbles, we’d ask for a deeper, compelling narrative story arc that immerses us more in into the game, a wider selection of innovative puzzles (involving more tactile tools and some recreational mathematics rather than just word puzzles), and a less linear escape if possible. It would have been nice to have been able to choose the floor to go to rather than following the path. We’d also like to have seen the website utilised even more by offering a themed music track to set the scene as we attempt to solve the puzzles.

The Curious Elevator of Mr Hincks Availability:

Go and grab yourself a copy if you enjoy armchair escape games. You can purchase The Curious Elevator of Mr Hincks for $35 onBluefish Game‘s website!!

难度 - 80%
原创性 - 80%





Curious Elevator



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