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Why do employers ask brain teasers in an interview?

Many leading organisations today incorporate brain teasers as interview questions. Typically, the brain teaser question may not be related to the job you’re seeking, but it is designed to make you rack your brain because you will always be caught unprepared.


Brain teasers are certain types of questions more like puzzles that require deep thoughts, and sometimes it requires unconventional thinking. Brain teasers can be used to access one’s brain processing speed.

Brain teasers are developed to make you dissect a question, think thoroughly making good use of your reasoning skills and arriving at an answer to tricky logical questions. The question may seem impossible, tricky and technical. They require analytical and problem-solving skills. They come in different forms and need a little extra brainpower to solve.

In most cases, brain teasers may not necessarily have actual answers. The company wants you to think out of the box; this is used as a method of evaluating your problem solving analytical skills and your ability to provide logical solutions under pressure.

这并不总是适合的答案ant gave to the question, whether correct or incorrect, It is obviously how you answered the question. Yes, your approach in handling the question matters. Your potential employers are usually interested in how and why you arrived at your answer.


Brain teasers have not been scientifically proven to be a proper vetting process for applicants, but so far, remains one of the effective ways to filter an applicant. Tricky logic-based questions can aid in accessing a candidates reasoning ability. Many organisations successfully make a choice of an employee using brain teaser questions to access their problem-solving skills and how they’d be able to cope with stressful scenarios and situations.


What qualities do the Brain teasers test?

Companies and businesses use brain teasers to evaluate the strength and competency of an employee in certain areas. Although brain teasers are no longer trendy/less common than as before, many companies still rely on them to access certain characteristics in their potential employee. They include;

Thought process:这是一个有逻辑问题的方法。在您下次移动之前,某些职位将需要对特定问题的深刻推理。Brain teasers面试问题可用于访问申请人的彻底思想家。请记住,这不仅仅是关于他们给出的答案,而是他们对某些角色的方法非常重要。思想过程是人们在到达他的答案之前处理脑预告问题,并且在大多数情况下可以使用大脑茶叶,以检测人们如何处理手头的情况。

置信度:Brain teasers are not only used to access the applicant’s logical thinking but also their level of confidence. Handling a brain teaser question confidently gives the interviewer the instinct that you’re a good fit for the position. Many roles and positions in an organisation require the ability to approach situations, especially under pressure confidently. How confidant they were, while answering a brain teaser may give the employer a bit hint of their potential ability to work effectively in difficult situations, in case they run into one.

Response to uncertainty:Remember, brain teaser interview questions are not usually about the correctness of the answers given to the interviewer but how they were able to come about that answer. This gives room for the potential employer to observe how applicants face an uncertain situation. Most times, the answer to a brain teaser is obvious even without deep thinking, The applicant is expected to take their time, think thoroughly and consider their response over and over again. This gives the employer an insight as to how you will approach real-life situations in the future by answering the interview question.

Ability to solve the problem:采访also use brain teasers to access an applicant’s ability to resolve the issue and how fast they will be able to do so. This will make them deem him fit to be able to provide a solution to immediate problems if they should arise. Brain teaser question will access your analytical capabilities to devise and innovate solutions to a difficult situation. This also includes one’s creativeness to deploy means within a short space of time.

Some challenging brain teaser examples for an interview;

  • Why are manholes round?
  • 你的工作日结束了“,发生了什么事,并在白天令人敬畏?
  • 您即将乘船到马尼拉;你打电话给你的三个随意的朋友,在那里生活,如果下雨,每个人都会问。每个朋友都有2/3的机会,告诉你真相和2/3的可能性告诉你一个谎言,在西班牙下雨的可能性是什么?
  • You have 3 gallons filled and 5 gallons filled, how do you measure out exactly 4 gallons?
  • How would you weigh a truck without using a scale?
  • You walk across a bridge and sees a boat full of people, and no one is on board, how is that possible?
  • 如果时钟的时间是3:15,小时和分针之间的角度是多少?
  • What seems unusual about the following words; banana, grammar, voodoo, assess, uneven and dresser?

Tips on how you can approach the interview brain teaser question:

  1. Take a pen and paper to your interview: most interviewers will let you use a pen and a paper while solving brain teasers if permitted, write down few points that may help your thinking pattern and response.
  2. 仔细聆听:仔细注意问题,以确保您理解这个问题以及面试官可能会寻找的问题。
  3. 放松:尽量保持冷静,不要觉得你必须弄清楚你心中的第一件事。保持您的思想尽可能放松,这将有助于您的大脑进行更快,更准确地分析和理性。
  4. Consider your answer carefully: before answering the question, take time to consider your answer again before letting it out. Place more emphasis your thought process than the final solution itself.
  5. 最后但不是最不重要的,尝试用任何答案而不是没有任何答案,即使你无法想出答案,也可以尝试尽最佳方式。

Brain Teasers

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