10 BEST Apple puzzle Apps May 2020


Best New Apple Puzzle Apps

益智游戏已成为博彩行业的重要组成部分。有Apple Puzzle Apps。这些游戏可以在其他类型的其他类型中实现,如RPG,Action等。关于益智应用的最佳方法是他们有不同的方法。

While keeping things simple, these games can become challenges enough to make you yank your teeth. That’s why we have made up a list of10 Best New Apple Puzzle Apps and Games.


Scribblenauts混音is an Apple Puzzle that is an open challenge to your brain. Imagination is the key to making progress. In other words, you have to dream about solutions. It is a mix of platformer and puzzle word app type of game.

So what does it really feel like? With ultimate imaginative thinking and brain work, you can take things to the next level. Considering all these aspects, it is the most essential puzzle app and the game you should definitely try.

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Red’s Kingdom


The game never becomes boring as there are a lot of elements in it. The game gives you alternate paths to play and discover the kingdom, solve problems, and find hidden treasures. It is a combination of action and puzzle game, taking the whole experience to the next level.

It is a great iOS puzzle app that will give you challenging situations to cope up with.

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However, there are different patterns that you must keep in view while cutting the trees. You have to avoid getting in touch with the world and cut trees in a pattern where it won’t interfere with the world.


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Deus Ex GoDeus前往

From the makers of Hitman Go, Square Enix implemented Deus Ex into a puzzler. And the results were surprisingly great. Every aspect of the game is given proper attention and the game has everything to offer as an Apple Puzzle app.

The one thing that I’d like to state specifically is that it never gets boring. You solve complex problems like hacking, defeating enemies, and much like Hitman, you sneak in and out of the facilities.

If you loved the original Deus Ex, you should definitely check out this iOS puzzle app in particular.

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Angry Birds AR

Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs

Combining augmented reality with puzzle gave us some remarkable results. Do you remember the original angry birds game? This one has pretty much the same physics but it’s more of an AR game.



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Wordscapes 这场比赛的成功是简单的。如果您喜欢拼图Word应用程序,您将会爱这个。随着高级搜索方法的扭曲,这款游戏已经以独特的方式实施了单词刮擦。

The levels contain letter wheels where you can unlock words and fill the board. Moreover, you also get a bonus by unveiling the hidden or bonus words. The game itself is free but if you make In-App purchase, there will be no ads either.

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Monument Valley 2



Like the first part, this one is back with the mind-challenging puzzles that will make you think to the core. Put your brain craft into work and make it through the levels.

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在移动设备上,人们沉迷于益智游戏。King Rabbit是您应该是如何的故意的完美榜样。参与其中的机械师发出了一个怀旧的氛围。有很多不同尺寸的沙箱。

You have to do a lot of work in this game. From pushing boxes to planting bombs for an explosion, it is such an interesting title. Making this game an interesting and essential puzzle app game on our list.

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You get 8+ creepy episodes where you have to kill, kill, and kill. You also get an option to see R rated content with blood and brutality. It seems absurd, doesn’t it? As a fan of Jason, it is my favourite iOS Puzzle App to this date.

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Little Alchemy 2

In respect to alchemy, this game packs quite a lot. The game lets you become creative and make stuff with the power of alchemy. You have to make the whole universe from scratch. You have the option to blend in certain objects and create something beautiful.

Lose yourself in this game by awakening your inner alchemist. From the art style to every inch of the game’s aesthetics, it’s well crafted and has aged well. It’s a must-have puzzle game on your iOS device.

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